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What makes us connoisseurs? It’s an instinctive sense of what works. Being obsessed with every little detail. Travelling the world for the rarest ingredients, and blending them in London, our home. Yes, It’s about experience, but it’s also about looking at what’s next. We’re inspired by London, a city that never sits still. It makes our colours brighter, our blends bolder and our scents more surprising. You’ll find a little of London’s wit, charm and spark in everything we do. We know London. We know bath, body and beauty. It’s a blend that works.


 4-in-1 Sportwash
4 in 1 Sports Wash for Body, Face, Hair & Shave 

London via Vietnam
  • Cassia bark with nutmeg and lime
  • Using the same fragrance blend as our much-loved Active Cassia Collection, this brand new formulation is top to toe grooming sorted in one refreshing hit
  • Use it as a shampoo, face wash, shaving gel or body wash to keep you clean (and clean-cut)
The way Molton Brown blends it:
  • Cassia bark (to refresh and deodorise)
  • Ultra-shine complex for hair
  • Skin conditioners
  • Guar gum, to help soften stubble (for a closer shave)
Motivate. Energise. Triumph.
Size:  6.6 fl oz
 Anti-Perspirant Sportstick
London via Vietnam

Cassia bark with nutmeg and lime. This sprightly scented antiperspirant stick gives 24hr protection while soothing your skin.

The blend:
  • Anti-perspirant active
  • Cassia bark (to refresh and deodorise)
  • Andiroba seed oil (to keep skin happy)
Fragrance Family: CITRUS
 Water Mint Body Wash

*Formerly Cool Buchu Body Wash

Croatian water mint with buchu extract and cardamom.
Ultra-chilled cleansing, putting the daily grind on ice.

Molton Brown Blend:
Wild water mint extract (for antioxidant protection).
Deodorising buchu extract.
Cardamom oil (smoky and sweet).
Positive. Liberating. Crisp.

Fragrance Family: Citrus

300 ml

 Bracing Silverbirch Thermal Muscle Soak
Unravel the strains of the day with this dedicated muscle therapy created to restore a tense, weary body. Enriched with dynamic thermal muscle salts and active extracts of linden and birch with a fresh woody aroma lifts the spirits.

300 g
 Bracing Silverbirch Body Wash
Give your senses a blast of bracing energy with this deeply cleansing body wash. Infused with extracts from the bark and leaves of the silverbirch tree, it will instantly enliven and cleanse while treating the skin to a seriously conditioning workout.

10 fl oz
 Bushukan Body Wash

Thai bushukan fruit (aka Buddha’s hand) with lemon and orange.
Perk up your mornings with peel, pith and pip.

Molton Brown Blend:
Bushukan fruit extract (for antioxidant protection).
Zesty orange oil.
Lively lemon oil.
Zingy. Classic. Clean

Fragrance Family: Citrus

300 ml

 Re-Charge Black Pepper Anti-Perspirant Stick
Stay dry, comfortable and with up to 24 hours' protection with this potent anti-perspirant in Molton Brown's bestselling fragrance range. Enjoy triple benefits: Molton Brown's potent anti-perspirant active helps keep you dry; Andiroba tree oil helps to condition the skin; aromatic coriander, basil, vetiver, bergamot and lemon oils ensure you smell fresh and richly spiced. 2.6 oz

 Re-Charge Black Pepper Bodyscrub Bar
Molton Brown's exfoliating body bar is packed with Madagascan black pepper oil and cracked peppercorns to add serious spice to bathing. It deeply cleanses and smoothes the skin. Winner of a 2009 Allure Best of Beauty award.

250 g
 Re-Charge Black Pepper Eau de Toilette
Exquisitely warm and deeply spiced, Molton Brown's rich fusion of essential oils spins a web of earthy delights. Achieve a subtle, clean, masculine scent with our men's re-charge black pepper eau de toilette.

Matching Molton Brown's no.1 bestselling body wash for men, this warm scent will re-charge your mood. With Italian coriander, Egyptian cumin, Slovenian oakmoss, Indonesian patchouli, French violet leaf, Italian bergamot, and Nigerian ginger. 50 ml

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