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In 1950, the very first Mustela product was created. At this time mothers were searching for a product designed specifically to cleanse the delicate skin of their newborn babies without the harsh drying effects of ordinary soaps used at the time. By combining gentle cleansing ingredients with moisturizing sweet almond oil, Mustela revolutionized the daily bath routine, by creating one easy to use product, Mustela Cleansing Lotion for Babies. More recently, Mustela has expanded its knowledge of skin care to provide products for mothers-to-be.


Mustela 9 Months® is the only complete line of specific skin care products designed to accompany your changing skin during pregnancy and postpartum. These products are developed under medical supervision and are clinically tested to provide safety, efficacy and pleasure of use. Mustela 9 Months® draws upon the unique association of 3 specific active ingredients: Elastoregulator®, a natural active ingredient that enables skin to adapt to tissue stretching by strengthening its elasticity. Lupeol, a plant extract, stimulates biosynthesis and ensures that the collagen, naturally produced by the skin, is of good quality. Avocado Peptides reduce the skin's increased reactivity and limits feelings of hypersensitivity.

 Stretch Marks Double Action
Helps strengthen skin elasticity. Helps prevent and minimize early stretch marks during pregnancy, in all sensitive areas (breasts, abdomen, hips, and upper thighs).

5 fl. Oz
 Specific Support Bust
Helps promote firmness and prevent loss of elasticity. Helps relieve skin tension and soothe breast tightness.

4.2 fl. Oz
 Nursing Comfort Balm
A soothing, dermo-repairing cream, intended for moms who have chosen to breastfeed.

1.07 fl. oz.
 Instant Comfort Legs
Immediately relaxes and refreshes legs. Ensures long-lasting hydration and toning.

4.2 Fl. Oz.
 Postpartum Body Restructuring Gel
Firms, refines and energizes. To restore skin firmness and remodel body contours after giving birth.

6.7 fl oz
 Stretch Marks Intensive Action
Intensive zone care Special treatment to minimize existing stretch marks during pregnancy or after birth.

2.5 FL. Oz.

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