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Founded in 1996, the first Bliss spa—in New York City's SoHo—was spotted by beauty-obsessed buzz-makers and quickly massaged its way to the top. After giving a trillion triple oxygen treatments their passion turned to passing that 'glow-how' on to you. Bliss continued its beauty revolution with their own line of clever and super-effective products ranging from Bliss Fatgirl Scrub, to No-Zit Sherlock and the ever-popular Youth As We Know It line. Bliss believes in bringing a fun, unpretentious approach to everything they 'dew.' After all, what good is grooming if you can't do it with a grin?

Lemon + Sage

Famous, fabulous, fresh-citrus scented. A best-selling fragrant collection.

 Bathing Brilliance Set
A magnifi-’scent’ mini duo of spa-inspired lemon + sage bath and body blends

bliss holiday is a perfectly curated collection of our precious, award-winning “gems” presented in shimmering, ready-to-gift jewel-toned boxes to make holiday gifting truly blissful!

bliss lemon+ sage soapy suds 16 oz
A luxe lathering bath and shower gel, gently cleanses and conditions from shoulders to toes to leave skin clean and soft. Doubles as bubble bath. Three ‘scent-sational’ fragrances for spa-at-home bliss. 

bliss lemon + sage body butter 6.7 oz
Marvelously moisturizing, our famous, fabulous, fresh-citrus scented body butter is so incredibly effective that a single squeeze can make rough and scaly skin ‘history’.

$47 value!
 Lemon + Sage Body Bar

fabulously fragranced mega-moisture+massage soap

Bursting with our signature citrus scent and moisturizing glycerin, this long-lasting cleansing bar is designed to deliver more bubble for your bathing buck. Made with gentle exfoliating loofah bits and massaging nubs for a super-stimulating sudsing session, it’s everything you’ve ever ‘soaped’ for in a body-cleansing bar!

 Lemon + Sage Body Scrub
It has the same fresh lemon+sage scent as our bestselling butter. Made to be massaged on pre-shower, its circular scrubbing grains lift away dead cells, leaving your skin smooth, supple and silky.

12 oz
 Lemon + Sage Soapy Suds
This citrus-scented liquid soap whips up a luxe lather that cleans and conditions for supremely soft skin. Use as a body wash to shake up your shower, or pour a bit into the bath for a more stimulating soak; either way, it’ll make routine foaming much more fabulous. Paraben free.

16 oz

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