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For thousands of years the Dead Sea has attracted visitors who rejuvenate their skin with the powerful properties of this natural wonder. This unique environment provides ideal conditions for skin treatment research: high mineral content, low concentrations of pollens, allergens, high atmospheric pressure and low UV ray exposure. AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories was founded in 1988 to study these rejuvenating processes and unlock their power by creating targeted facial and body care products.

Cleansers, Exfoliators & Masks

Cleansing with Dead Sea ingredients is the ideal start for purifying the skin, activating its metabolism and enabling it to benefit from deeper treatment.

 Extreme Radiance Lifting Mask
An instant boost for lackluster facial skin, this lightweight, cooling gel-texture mask works to firm, lift and smooth skin to restore its youthful, radiant appearance and tone.  Powered by AHAVA’s Extreme Complex™ and infused with a blend of natural extracts and fruit acids, this fast-firming mask utilizes a unique delivery system called “the patch effect,” by which the mask acts as a patch, trapping its active ingredients and allowing for ultimate absorption.

2.5 oz.
 Facial Renewal Peel
A skin-friendly peel that reveals a smoother, softer, more radiant complexion.  The formula promotes the natural cell renewal process, using a unique blend of fruit acids and Dead Sea minerals, to give women of all ages and skin types a safe and effective method of achieving a smooth, soft, more even complexion.

3.4 oz
 Gentle Body Exfoliator

A creamy, gentle scrub specifically designed for the needs of sensitive skin. It contains soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits using natural ingredients. Helps to regenerate and smooth skin as it restores essential hydration and provides soothing benefits. 

Formulated with Dead Sea Black Mud, rich in minerals and fine lava powder from volcanic rock rich in silica to help gently exfoliate sensitive skin without irritation.

6.8 oz / 200 ml

 Hydration Cream Mask

A creamy textured, hydrating mask enriched with the best Dead Sea minerals, Mud, Shea butter and selection of powerful moisturizing ingredients to provide an active hydration boost, in just 3 minutes. 

3.4 oz

 Mineral Body Exfoliator

This everyday gel body exfoliator provides a daily 2-in-1 cleansing & exfoliating experience. Contains moisturizing ingredients and stimulates skin renewal to leave skin clean, smooth and hydrated for touchably soft skin.

Formulated with a special red seaweed with high concentration of minerals and blended with Dead Sea minerals to create a high quality, skin friendly body scrub.

6.8 oz / 200 ml

 Smoothing Body Exfoliator

A rich texture, coarse body exfoliator that helps to promote skin clarity and radiance. Natural plant based ingredients provides anti-aging benefits to exfoliate the skin resulting in improved circulation. Its luxurious texture provides the ultimate in pampering while essential Dead Sea minerals keeps skin soft and hydrated.

Formulated with Moroccan Argan Shells, Date
Kernel, Grape Seeds and Sugar

8 oz / 235 ml

 All in 1 Toning Cleanser

A light weight, water-based cleansing milk that effectively removes makeup, dirt and impurities. AHAVA’s unique OsmoterTM improves skin’s moisture level, leaving it clarified, toned and hydrated. 8.5 oz

 Facial Mud Exfoliator

Gentle face scrub that removes dead surface cells with a gentle exfoliating action.  Stimulates cell renewal and while purifying skin, leaving it smooth and clear. The OsmoterTM improves skin’s moisture level, leaving it clarified and hydrated. 3.4 oz

 Purifying Mud Mask

Powered by energizing Dead Sea mud and the OsmoterTM, this invigorating mask penetrates deeply to draw out impurities and purifies skin for a more even complexion. 4.3 oz


 Refreshing Cleansing Gel

Mineral-enriched, soapless gel that effectively cleanses skin without drying. Formulated with AHAVA’s unique OsmoterTM  this mild cleanser washes away makeup and impurities to leave skin clean and refreshed. 3.4 oz

 Rich Cleansing Cream

Light, oil-free cream cleanser that rids skin of dirt, makeup and impurities while restoring skin’s pH balance. The OsmoterTM provides skin with optimal moisture for long-lasting hydration. 3.4 oz

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