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For thousands of years the Dead Sea has attracted visitors who rejuvenate their skin with the powerful properties of this natural wonder. This unique environment provides ideal conditions for skin treatment research: high mineral content, low concentrations of pollens, allergens, high atmospheric pressure and low UV ray exposure. AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories was founded in 1988 to study these rejuvenating processes and unlock their power by creating targeted facial and body care products.

Body Soothing

The mineral rich black mud on the Dead Sea shores is scientifically proven to soothe and repair dry, sensitive skin and restore moisture to optimal levels.

 Dermud Hand and Foot Duo
These famous Dermud stars provide immediate relief and soothing care for very dry hands and feet. This grease-free, mineral mud absorbs deeply to improve moisture levels, relieve scaling and itching. Hands and feet are left feeling nourished and smooth. 

Dermud Hand & Foot Duo contains:
 Gentle Body Exfoliator

A creamy, gentle scrub specifically designed for the needs of sensitive skin. It contains soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits using natural ingredients. Helps to regenerate and smooth skin as it restores essential hydration and provides soothing benefits. 

Formulated with Dead Sea Black Mud, rich in minerals and fine lava powder from volcanic rock rich in silica to help gently exfoliate sensitive skin without irritation.

6.8 oz / 200 ml

 Time To Treat Comforting Cream
Ahava Time to Treat Comforting Cream calms and relieves inflamed, reactive skin while imparting gentle hydration. Dead Sea mud balances your skin's delicate pH levels and imparts trace minerals for further stabilization of the lipid barrier. Botanical extracts of narcissus, lavender, St. John's wort, sea buckthorn, aloe and calendula detoxify and soothe away irritation. Vitamin E works with tomato fruit and green tea extracts to defend against environmental aggressors.
 Dermud Intensive Foot Cream

This rich, intensive cream that alleviates the itching, redness and irritation of dry, sore feet.  Dermud’s special blend of the OsmoterTM and Dead Sea mud helps to repair and heal cracked, rough skin, preventing it from further dryness. 3.4 oz

 Dermud Intensive Hand Cream

This concentrated formula rejuvenates and restores moisture to dry, parched hands.  Powerful combination of the OsmoterTM and Dead Sea mud contains powerful self-regenerating powers provides long-lasting comfort for soft, smooth hands. 3.4 oz

 Dermud Nourishing Body Cream

Rich-textured body cream is formulated for specially for very dry, sensitive skin conditions.  Easily absorbed by the skin and highly effective in combating the harsh effects of winter weather, this cream will hydrate and repair skin. 6.8 oz

 Natural Dead Sea Body Mud

AHAVA’s Mineral Mud is the best of the Dead Sea in its purest form.  A natural detoxifier and purifier, it absorbs oil, dirt and toxins from your skin while removing excess sebum and dead skin cells, revealing vibrant, radiant skin. 14 oz


 Purifying Mud Soap

AHAVA’s Mud Soap contains deep cleansing properties inherent in the mineral rich Dead Sea mud.  Perfect for oily skin, it removes acne causing oils without drying skin. 3.4 oz


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