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Clinique Cream Shave

UPC: 020714125622


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Clinique Cream Shave

UPC: 020714125622020714125622


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Ultra-rich shaving cream softens hair so razor glides along skin, doesn't drag. Holds more moisture to beard, lifting hairs for a clean, comfortable shave. Soothes during and after shaving; helps minimize nicks and cuts. 4.2 oz
  • Use daily after cleansing skin.
  • Dampen beard area. Dab a nickel-size amount into hands and work between palms.
  • Massage over face against the direction hair grows, then shave in the direction hair grows.
  • Rinse blade frequently under hot running tap water to avoid razor clogging.
  • Rinse well and towel dry.
  • Follow with your Post-Shave formula.


Clinique Cream ShaveWrite A Review

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