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James Read Liquid Tan Light

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James Read

James Read Liquid Tan Light

UPC: 50004440261665000444026166


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For a truly professional tan at home, this product delivers long-lasting, lightly golden color and has a hydrating formula that will replenish the skin's moisture levels as the color develops. To ensure even coverage, exfoliate thoroughly prior to application focusing on wrists, elbows, knees, ankles and feet. Moisturize these areas well including hands. After tanning, wait until skin is touch dry before dressing. Avoid contact with water for at least eight hours, then shower to reveal a light bronzed, golden tan.
Shake the bottle, then blot an amount the size of a coin onto the James Read Tanning Mitt, folding the mitt in half to distribute the product. Reapply product as needed. Leave the face, hands and feet until last and apply the remains of any product on the mitt to these areas to avoid overloading.


James Read Liquid Tan LightWrite A Review

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