Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Mirto di Panarea Eau de Toilette Spray

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The perfume opens with the embracing, unmistakable aromatic notes of myrtle. A stimulating opening, heightened by the citrus accents of Calabrian lemons, of sweet orange and the simple, pure aroma of basil. Crisp top notes that develop into velvety elegant floral heart notes in which accents of jasmine, rose and lilac encounter those of a sea breeze and blackcurrant. Creating sensations of wellbeing reinforced by intensely aromatic accents of mastic, juniper and preciious fragrances of cedar wood and amber in the base notes.

Mirto di Panarea caresses the skin with a fragrance that is at once pleasing and intensely regenerating for both body and mind. It expresses the inner soul of Panarea, an island that is very unique—a place where everything is more vivid, brilliant, and luminous. The perfume opens with the enveloping and unmistakable aromatic intensity of Myrtle with a dash of sea breeze, creating a scent that releases the vitality of a walk on the beach. Like the regenerating characteristics of its island namesake, Mirto di Panarea restores well-being and balance leaving you with the pleasure of the clear, radiant atmosphere of a truly exceptional island.