Bliss A Tan For All Seasons

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From spa treatment rooms to your home, this citrus-scented self-tanner gives you a gradual, sun-believable, head-to-toe tan (not to mention a cursory camouflaging of cellulite) and is formulated with aloe vera and a transfer-resistant sun set™ bronzer—so you can see where you’re spraying without ‘tanning’ your towels, too.

150 ml

• provides a superior, streakless, color-balanced tan from our superstar blend of self-tannng ingredients (DHA and erythrulose)
• instantly bronzes with a golden sheen and prevents color transfer with sun set™ bronzer
• hydrates and protects skin with aloe and apple extract
• subdues unpleasant self-tanner odor with odor-encapsulators and an uplifting citrus scent
• dries in 5 minutes flat!