Trish McEvoy Limited Edition Power of Makeup® Planner Collection Azure

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Your perfect spring makeup wardrobe. An exclusive edit of Trish’s essential basics and newest shades is beautifully organized into this season’s limited-edition Makeup Planner® Azure.

• Petite Makeup Planner® Azure
• Eye Base Essentials Bare
• Intense Gel Eye Liner Black*
• Pencil Sharpener
• Beauty Emergency Card® for Eyes: Deluxe Eye Shadow Soft Peach, Eye Shadows Antique Rose and NEW Barely Blue, Glaze Eye Shadows Ballet Pink, Rose Quartz and NEW Pearl, Eye Definers Paris Nights and Arabian Nights
• Lash Curling Mascara
• Instant Eye Lift Shade 1
• Petite Makeup Wardrobing® Page
• Bronzer Golden*
• Face Shaper Highlight 1
• Blush Natural
• Translucent Finishing Powder*
• NEW Flawless Lip® Color Chic
* Denotes deluxe travel size