Deborah Lippmann The Stripper To Go

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No bumps. No grinds. It doesn’t even strip your nails. The Stripper To Go is Deborah Lippmann’s catchy name for her nifty new nail lacquer removers. (Hey, she could have chosen Amber or Roxy.) Each little mitt is saturated with gentle, nail-moisturizing solvent that quickly and effortlessly soaks nail lacquer away – no matter how dark and determined the color. Won’t strip or dry nails. One mitt per packet. Six mitts per box. A packet or two should be an integral part of every woman’s travel kit. 6 packs per box.

  • Quickly and fully removes all shades of nail lacquer
  • Botanical ingredients keep the nail plate moisturized and provide natural anti-bacterial properties
  • One mitt cleans all 10 nails (one mitt per packet, 6 packets per box)