Natura Bissè Tolerance Enzyme Peel

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TOLERANCE ENZYME PEEL is an exceptionally effective and gentle peel that was developed based on pure cutting-edge cosmetic engineering with a blend of ingredients that emit ultra soft vibrations and provide a multi-sensory experience.

TOLERANCE ENZYME PEEL gently pampers the skin with a non-aggressive (granule-free) micro-exfoliation of the most damaged layers of the skin, revealing an even, smooth, soft and luminous appearance without causing any inflammation or redness. Ideal for all skin types, especially the most sensitive and delicate skins. 


  • Non-aggressive exfoliation.
  • Upon application to skin, the gel texture adheres to the epidermis and perfectly lifts off the dead cells.
  • Allows for exfoliation in the more delicate areas of the face (eye contour and lip area).
  • Your skin is left smooth and velvety; its texture is visibly refined.
  • Deep sensation of well-being, your face breathes and glows with a natural radiance.
  • Ideal treatment to alternate with GLYCO EXTREME PEEL during the resting periods.
  • Does not cause photosensitivity, but we recommend using sunscreen during the treatment (an SPF 30 at a minimum).

40 ml. jar / 1.4 oz.