Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Powerful Sun Protection SPF 45 Cream

5 star rating

Powerful Sun Protection SPF 45 Cream is the ultimate sun protection product for daily wear, offering maximum protection against sun damage and aging while preventing fine lines and replenishing hydration. The oil-free, antioxidant-rich formula dries clear and provides a skin-protecting barrier that retains SPF protection for up to 80 minutes of perspiration or water activity, making it ideal for extended or prolonged exposure and those with active lifestyles. Using daily ensures optimum protection against the elements and signs of aging.

4.2 oz/125 ml

• Protects skin from aging and sunburn with four forms of broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection; providing both a physical and chemical sun block • Encapsulates harmful Iron molecules with chelating technology to provide additional protection from the sun • Repairs and reverses existing sun damage with powerful antioxidants • Retains skin’s natural moisture barrier during sun exposure with humectants • Very water resistant formula provides superior coverage for prolonged exposure