Bobbi Brown Extra Bright Advanced Moisture Lotion

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What it is: Part of our regimen to boost radiance—Bobbi’s skin-softening step after cleansing—this lotion is instantly hydrating and unbelievably refreshing. Over time you’ll see smoother, more even-toned and glowing skin.

Who it's for: Good for all skin types—or anyone wishing to fend off the cumulative effects of everyday environmental stress on the skin and combat surface dullness, irritation, dark spots and fine, dry lines.

Why it's different: Infused with SuperCitrus Complex—a brightening mix of vitamin C, citrus unshiu peel extract, grapefruit and lime extract—to help soothe visible irritation and strengthen skin’s defenses against hyper-pigmentation. Plus, it prepares skin to receive the benefits of the treatments that follow.