Tammy Fender Spontaneous Recovery Crème

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Praised as the "most powerful product ever put on the skin," this first-of-its kind treatment will transform the health of your skin in a sible application. 1.9 oz

This all in one creme-serum-oil is halied for its incredible abilities to reign over the elements - praised as the "Aspen Creme" - an ultra-protective formulation imparting visible results after a single application, spontaneously transforming the health of yoru skin.

Physical Benefits

Deeply infused with the pure living energy of nutrient rich plant butters, oils and herbs this first-of-its-kind curative heal-all seals in hydration, moisture and protection; providing maximum nutrition, relieving, reviving and reinforcing the skin cells, eliminating irritation and stress while soothing & conditioning the complexion; delivering a visibly repaired and replenished skin with restored health and radiance.
Beneficial for all skin types; excellent for healing traumatized skin, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and all extreme skin conditions. Especially loved by dry, dehydrated, chapped, cracked, irritated, sensitive and mature skins.

Emotional & Spiritual Benefits

Bringing forth a renewed state of harmony, health and balance.

Highlighted Ingredients

Rose Hip: promotes regeneration of the skin cells, maintains elasticity & strengthens the collagen of the skin, very anti-aging.

Helichrysum: stimulates new cell growth, tightens the connective tissue, promotes healing and repair.

Lavender: balancing & anti-inflammatory, nature's antibiotic and first-aid in a bottle, tightens the connective tissue, promotes rapid healing & repair.

Matricaria: promotes circulation & treats inflammation & irritation, retains moisture and repairs skin tissue.