Tammy Fender Roman Chamomile Tonic

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An instant rescue-remedy, this skin calming therapy of pure Roman Chamomile instantly hydrates and repairs irritation. 6.7 oz

Ancient Egyptians presented Roman Chamomile to the sun because of its legendary curative properties and Slovakian folklore tells of bowing when facing the healing chamomile plant.

Physical Benefits

Trusted for centuries, the healing and anti-inflammatory properties of pure Roman Chamomile gently soothe and hydrate dry, sensitive and irritated skins, while promoting a gentle circulation of chi (energy).

Emotional & Spiritual Benefits

The essence of Roman Chamomile inspires calmness and inner peace.

Highlighted Ingredients

Roman Chamomile: vasoconstrictor and anti-inflammatory that promotes circulation and is used as a treatment of inflammation and irritation of the skin. Beneficial for sensitive, red or dry skin. Roman Chamomile is extremely healing and excellent for tissue regeneration, prevention of moisture loss, calming sun burns and useful for tired eyes and puffiness.