Tammy Fender Antioxidant Creme Neroli & Orange

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A skin perfecting pick-me-up with instant results, this free-radical fighting multi-vitamin-in-a-jar is a favorite must-have among celebrity devotees. 1.9 oz

The name Neroli originated from the Italian Princess Anna Maria de la Tremoille who introduced this precious essential oil to Italian aristocrats in the 17th century for its ability to rejuvenate the skin.

At a Glance

• Rebuilds each skin cell
• Significantly improves suppleness
• Protects against free radicals & environmental stresses

Physical Benefits

This multi-vitamin-in-a-jar is prized for its nourishing, anti-oxidant and collagen-stimulating benefits. Neroli helps heal scar tissue, improve elasticity and balance overactive sebum. Calming and grounding, sweet orange enhances the skins immunity and hydration while plant butters moisturize and naturally filter UV light.

Emotional & Spiritual Benefits

Renewing a sense of overall well-being.

Highlighted Ingredients

Lavender Flowers: balancing and anti-inflammatory; regenerates healthy new skin cells, soothes acne, promotes cell growth to minimize scaring and regulates sebum production; healing, cleansing and detoxifying. Provides cells with new energy, gentle antiseptic for acne, burns, scars and open wounds.

Algae Extract: protects skin from environmental stresses, containing polysaccharides, amino acids and vitamins that provide instant skin tightening.

Carrot Seed: contains high concentrations of beta-carotene (Vitamin A), which protect the cells against skin disease and is necessary for the formation of healthy new tissue; assists in preventing sun damage, restores tone, elasticity and revitalizes tired and stressed skin.

Neroli: reduces puffiness and discourages dry, wrinkled skin. Used to stimulate circulation, clear blemishes and increase perspiration, thus assisting the release of toxins from dull or blemished skin. Improves dull and oily complexions.

Sweet Orange: powerful anti-oxidant that fills cells with water and nourishment, prolonging their life and vitality and strengthening the skins flora. Its vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen; stimulates circulation, clears blemishes and assists the release of toxins.