Bliss No Zit Sherlock Break-out Busting Rubberizing Mask

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the same zit-zapping mask used in our spas

Boost your blemish-battling regimen with this straight-from-our-spa facial treatment, a weekly must for pimple-prone skin. The unique rubber texture is designed to envelop skin’s surface to absorb impurities and allow the mask’s key ingredients to be optimally absorbed by the skin. Plus, it’s packed with pore-de-clogging, oil-absorbing, super-soothing extracts and nourishing, detoxifying seaweed. So if you’re looking for a clean, clear, shine-free complexion—‘mask’, and you shall receive! Includes 6 individually wrapped mix-it-yourself masks, 6 spatulas and measuring scoop. (6 pack)

• With seaweed, tea tree, willow and menthol extracts
• Purges pores, absorbs impurities and calms skin
• Helps control oil, fade blemishes and prevent future breakouts