Serge Lutens Sa Majest La Rose Eau de Parfum

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Serge Lutens’s ode to the Queen of flowers, Sa Majesté La Rose is a refined and delicate seductress. The Moroccan rose absolute, luxurious and honeyed, opens the scent, blending in the exquisite harmony of yin and yang with the smoky gaiac wood. The striking, regal aroma is spiced by clove and softened by white honey. The warm, deep musk base compliments the sultry rose perfectly. The smooth, seamless transition from note to note, each of which showcases and enhances the beauty of Queen Rose without overshadowing it, is nothing short of miraculous. The blend possesses the deceptive simplicity of a truly classic creation with its immaculate proportions, perfect balance and the beauty that is indisputable. 50 ml

Notes: Moroccan rose absolute, gaiac wood, clove, white honey, musk