Serge Lutens Un Lys Eau de Parfum

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A perfect and graceful lily, etched in pure white light. Serene, timeless and heartbreakingly beautiful. This line is often thought of as dark and twisty- and being big fans of dark twistiness ourselves, we have no problem with that - but Un Lys is proof positive that Serge can do simple and pretty just as well. This is lily – an exceptionally true, fresh lily with a hint of green and a smooth dollop of soft-spoken vanilla and musk. Heady at first, Un Lys eases into a soft, creamy floral that is rounded and luminous and just plain lovely. Utterly feminine, without being girly; wonderfully classic without seeming old-fashioned - this is one of those treasured “string of pearls” scents that works anytime. Dress it up, dress it down, take it out on the town - it always works and it’s always gorgeous. 50 ml

Notes: Lily, musk, vanilla