Darphin Nourishing Smoothing Body Scrub

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A nourishing, smoothing Darphin body scrub developed with natural and organic ingredients. Containing a subtle blend of essential oils and three exfoliating ingredients, this translucent aromatic gel texture is enriched with visible natural cranberry extracts, bamboo particles and silica powder for a multi-level exfoliating scrub. This scrub transforms into a gentle, nourishing milk on contact with water revealing softer, smoother, more supple skin.

200 mL/6.8 oz

Skin type: All Skin Condition: All Your concerns: • Dull, dry skin • Rough patches and uneven tone The results: • Revitalized skin • Softer, smoother skin • Supple and comfortable feeling • Stimulates surface cell renewal • Refines and smooths body skin texture • Nourished skin with a protective veil feeling • Massaging action stimulates micro-circulation to the skin surface • Dermatologist tested