Darphin 8 Flower Nectar - A Precious Youth Elixir

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A rare aromatic composition of pure essential oils, derived from 8 exotic flowers from around the world, detoxifies the skin, reduces fine lines, and renews skin's natural glow. Enriched with essential vitamins and Omega 3 and 6, this fragrant essence of well being compliments the Stimulskin Plus line.  Rejuvenating, nourishing and it helps to firm and minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles, restores natural radiance, suppleness and resilience for overall youthful-looking skin.

15 mL/.5 oz

Program: Firming & lifting Skin type: All Skin Condition: Loss of elasticity and firmness, line and wrinkles Your concerns: • Lack of firmness and elasticity • Apperance of lines and wrinkles The results: • Improved elasticity • Renewed natural radiance • Soothed, revitalized skin.