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Serge Lutens Arabie Eau de Parfum

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Serge Lutens

Serge Lutens Arabie Eau de Parfum

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Full of dark drama and positively loaded with exotic spices and fruits, Arabie is as rich in character as it is in ingredients. Intensely moving and spinning out of control, this is a tempest in a bottle, a gorgeous devil swirling with dried figs and dates, spiced with nutmeg and cloves, and sweetened with resins and candied mandarin peel. Cedar and sandalwood bravely attempt to anchor this unruly and unexpected perfume, but its nature is far too wild to be tamed. If you love the idea of a gloriously honeyed, decadent fragrance that features the exotic spices and rich, dried fruits of a kitchen rather than the frou frou flowers of a field, you’re sure to fall in love at first sniff with Arabie. 50 ml
Notes: Cedar, sandalwood, candied mandarin peel, dried figs, dates, cumin, nutmeg, clove, balsamic resins, Tonka bean, Siamese benzoin, myrrh


Serge Lutens Arabie Eau de ParfumWrite A Review

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