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Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

UPC: 237832378384


5.01 Reviews


Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

UPC: 237832378384237832378384


5.01 ReviewsWrite A Review


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A highly effective, extra-gentle cleanser perfect for all skin types. The fragrance-free, multi-tasking foaming gel instantly whisks away everyday impurities, removes makeup (even mascara), and is safe to use on the delicate eye area. Amino acid-rich soy proteins work to hydrate the skin and retain elasticity while calming botanicals tone the complexion without stripping it of essential moisture. Its iconic natural scent is a soothing blend of rosewater and cucumber extracts.


Fresh Soy Face CleanserWrite A Review

5.01 Reviews(Avg 5.0/5)


Age Range:25-34

Location:Norwalk, CT

Skin Type:Combination

Skin Tone:Light

Hair Color:Brunette

Eye Color:Brown

Still the best cleanser out there

This stuff is incredible. They could mark it up to $75 a tube and I'd still probably buy it (but please don't). Granted it does last forever, a little goes a long way because it's got a nice "slip" to it. It's super gentle and creamy, but rinses completely clean--none of that gross filmy feel that you get with most creamier gel cleansers. It doesn't foam up too much, which I think is better for your skin, and has a milkier feel. Like most Fresh products, it smells unbelievably good, but not fragranced and irritating. Nice and calming for sensitive skin. Best yet, it removes all makeup, even stubborn waterproof mascara. No rubbing or tearing at delicate skin, the makeup just glides right off like magic. Usually the most intense oily makeup removers don't do that for me.Most skin types would probably adore this stuff as much as I do, but very oily or breakout-prone types may like something a little less hydrating with a bit of salicylic acid.When I pair this with my Clarisonic my skin feels ridiculously clean, hydrated and glowy. Simply the best cleanser evah-evah.

Pros: Milky, effective, calming, smells great, REMOVES MAKEUP!

Cons: Not great for super oily skin

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5.01 Reviews(Avg 5.0/5)