T. LeClerc Eye Pencil

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T. LeClerc

T. LeClerc Eye Pencil

UPC: 35297100160663529710016066


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The special formula of T. LeClerc eye pencil is based on waxes and powders that provide soft texture, gentle application, and long-lasting eye makeup. These pencils are well-tolerated by the most sensitive skin of the eyelids, because they don't contain lanolin derivatives or mineral oils. This formula, as well as the kohl texture, makes them suitable for using inside the eye.
Draw a thin line along and into the lashes, all the way from the inner to the outer corner of the eye; don't stop half way. At the outer corner, widen your line gradually and swing it upwards by drawing from outside towards the centre. For dominant effect, draw a line on bare eyelids, dust with the eyeshadow of the same colour, and then repeat application. The best brush for blending eye pencil with eyeshadow is T. LeClerc liner brush #6.


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