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Clinique Naturally Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

UPC: 020714132873


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Clinique Naturally Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

UPC: 020714132873020714132873


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Clinique's gentlest eye makeup remover. Rich, creamy lotion spreads evenly, quickly. Effectively removes all signs of makeup without leaving an oily after-feel. As gentle to the eyes as tears. For all skin types. Ophthalmologist Tested. Appropriate for contact lens wearers. 2.5 oz

  • Use day or night, cleansing one eye area at a time.
  • Apply a drop to cotton ball. With eye closed, massage gently over lid and lashes. Wipe up then down, then open the eye and wipe underneath.
  • Tissue off, or rinse off any residue with water.


Clinique Naturally Gentle Eye Makeup RemoverWrite A Review

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