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Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover

UPC: 3380811183107


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Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover

UPC: 33808111831073380811183107


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Newly-formulated, dual-phase lotion—with soothing organic plant extracts—instantly removes heavy or waterproof eye make-up, without leaving a trace of residue. Ophthalmmologist-tested to be gentle enough for the most sensitive eyes, including contact lens-wearers.
Organic camomile extract: soothing and relaxing.
Organic cornflower water: calming and softening.
Organic rose water: soothing, refreshing, hydrating.
A two-phase formulation to remove heavy and water-resistant make-up (oil phase), while also removing any residues and impurities (water phase).
Shake well before use. Place a cotton pad soaked in lotion over each closed eye.
Gently tap the pad against the eyelid for 10 seconds to dissolve the make-up; then wipe pad over eyelids without rubbing.


Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up RemoverWrite A Review

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