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Diptyque Baies Hourglass Diffuser

UPC: 3700431407313


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Diptyque Baies Hourglass Diffuser

UPC: 37004314073133700431407313


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The diptyque hourglass diffuser brings back the visionary world captured in perfume. As much a visual manifestation as one of smell, it is easy and intuitive to use, requiring no energy, needing no special care. It is entirely distinct from modern technologies: Simply turn the object over to begin a fragrance cycle of about twenty minutes. With a scent diffusion process that uses no heat, relying on gravity and osmotic action, the hourglass diffuser preserves the originality and integrity of our Baies scent as it slowly, subtly, and delicately releases its inimitable notes into the air.


Diptyque Baies Hourglass DiffuserWrite A Review

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