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Mustela Instant Comfort Legs

UPC: 3504108053281


2.01 Reviews


Mustela Instant Comfort Legs

UPC: 35041080532813504108053281


2.01 ReviewsWrite A Review


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Immediately relaxes and refreshes legs. Ensures long-lasting hydration and toning.

4.2 Fl. Oz.
Helps strengthen the wall of leg tissue, Provides an immediate sensation of relaxation, Helps soothe skin hypersensitivity and sensations of tightness, This creamy gel, fresh and alcohol-free, is non-sticky and does not stain clothing. Tested under vein-specialist control.
menthol, Elastoregulator® (soy peptide derivative), Lupeol and two stimulating active plant substances (Escin and Ximeninate), hyaluronic acid-based formulation, Avocado Peptides.


Mustela Instant Comfort LegsWrite A Review

2.01 Reviews(Avg 2.0/5)


Does not do anything special

I am not sure how this product is designed to help pregnant women beyond the run of the mill drug store body lotion. I don't think it does anything. I did not feel any instant comfort feelings as it claims. Furthermore, I still feel the same cramping and discomfort in my legs, common for pregnant people, even after using the lotion. So, the basically the lotion did nothing other than moisturize.

Pros: Does moisten skin

Cons: Doesn't comfort legs

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2.01 Reviews(Avg 2.0/5)