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Clarisonic Mia3 Sonic Radiance Over $200, Price,

Clarisonic Mia3 Sonic Radiance

Our NEW Sonic Radiance solution, complete with Aria/Mia 3 cleansing device, helps to rapidly fade and diminish dark spots for a more even, radiant, youthful-looking complexion.

Sleek, powerful and offered with 3 varying levels of sonic speed, you can customize your gentle cleansing experience to address your specific skin concerns.


Clarisonic Mia3

  • 3 Speeds (Delicate, Universal, Powerful)
  • Adjustable Pulsing T-Timer
Morning Cleanse:

Brighten and even skin tone with the AM Skin Illuminating Cleanser, a foaming cleansing milk with Licorice Root Extract to help brighten skin, Peppermint Leaf Extract to help soothe and calm skin and Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract for a more radiant complexion.

Evening Cleanse:

Remove surface pigment and retexture skin with the PM Skin Renewing Peel Wash. This revitalizing cleansing gel combines 0.2% LHA, a proprietary acid to activate skin renewal while being gentle on skin and 3.5% Glycolic Acid, the smallest alpha hydroxy acids deeply absorbs to help improve texture, boosts moisture and fade dark spots. 


Treat your skin with the Brightening Activator Serum immediately after sonic cleansing day and night to dramatically reduce melanin production and lighten dark spots.

Radiance Brush Head:

This uniquely-designed, radiance-releasing brush head helps to remove sebum and surface-level pigmentation to diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation and dullness.

Darphin Divine Anti-Aging Set Over $200, Price,

Darphin Divine Anti-Aging Set

Stimulskin Plus Holiday Set 2014

The perfect holiday escape from signs of aging. Set includes Stimulskin Plus Divine Cream (50ml)  plus deluxe samples of Stimulskin Plus Divine Eye Cream (5ml), Divine Serum (5ml) and Divine Cream (5ml).

Value: $422

La Mer The Collection Set Over $200, Price,

La Mer The Collection Set

The La Mer Collection instantly renews and rejuvenates skin.

Deluxe sizes of Créme de la Mer, the Regenerating Serum and the Eye Concentrate work together to visibly diminish lines, wrinkles, and pores.

Skin is immersed in moisture, sensitivities soothed, radiance restored.
  • Eye Concentrate is 0.17 oz.
  • Regenerating serum is 0.5 oz.
  • Creme de la Mer 1 oz.
La Mer The Discovery Collection Over $200, Price,

La Mer The Discovery Collection

A classic selection of essential La Mer skincare, this introductory set reveals a firmer, smoother, more radiant appearance. Your regimen visibly renews and rejuvenates skin so fine lines, wrinkles, and pores look diminished.

Includes: The Moisturizing Soft Cream 1oz, The Eye Concentrate 0.17oz, The Regenerating Serum 0.5oz, The Cleansing Foam 3.4oz, and The Tonic 3.4oz.

La Mer The Rejuvenating Essentials Over $200, Price,

La Mer The Rejuvenating Essentials

Perfect for travel, this anti-aging regimens works to visibly renew and rejuvenate skin so fine lines, wrinkles and pores look diminished. Skin is immersed in moisture, sensitivities appear soothed, youthfulness restored. 

  • Creme de la Mer 1oz.
  • Regenerating Serum .5oz
  • The Eye Concentrate .17oz.
  • The Cleansing Lotion 3.4oz.
  • The Tonic 3.4oz. 
Natura Bissè Diamond Extreme Over $200, Price,

Natura Bissè Diamond Extreme

A nutrient enriched emulsion that is formulated with the sophisticated Epidermal Self-Modulator, a state-of-the-art ingredient that effectively improves the appearance and feel of fine lines and wrinkles. The exceptional ingredients in this formulation work together to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making your complexion look firmer, younger and healthier.

  • Global solution for aging skin.
  • Provides the appearance of a youthful glow to the skin.
  • Spectacularly diminish the look and feel of expression lines and wrinkles.
  • Hydrates dry skin.

50 ml. / 1.7 oz. Jar
Natura Bissè Diamond Extreme Eye Over $200, Price,

Natura Bissè Diamond Extreme Eye

An extraordinary energizing cream that hydrates the skin and provides the look of firmness and luminosity for a perfectly youthful appearance. It is formulated with an Epidermal Self Modulator, which helps the skin appear youthful.

  • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by hydrating the skin.
  • Provides the skin with a revitalized appearance.
  • Eliminates the appearance of fatigued and stressed skin.
  • Diminishes the appearance of under-eye shadows and restores the appearance of luminosity.

25 ml. / 0.8 oz. Pump 
Natura Bissè Diamond Holiday Set 2014 Over $200, Price,

Natura Bissè Diamond Holiday Set 2014

DIAMOND COLLECTION offers comprehensive results for every one of your skin's needs. Its delicate Mediterranean floral notes with a delicious scent of lavender delivers a bonus of wellbeing and relaxation.

Set includes:

Diamond White Rich Luxury Cleanse:is an all-in-one cleanser for your face, eyes, neck and décolleté with an exquisite, delicate three-phase texture (gel-oil-emulsion); it thoroughly cleanses your skin, removing any impurity or trace of makeup while hydrating and providing instant luminosity. Discover the unparalleled benefits of this collection with Diamond Extreme, a comprehensive anti-aging treatment for skin exposed to extreme conditions. This bio-regenerative luxurious facial cream restores softness and glow, and leaves skin feeling extraordinarily silky, moisturized, and younger-looking. Infuse your skin with Diamond Mist, an energizing, protective, hydrating mist-that provides an extraordinary sense of wellbeing and a delicious lavender-scented freshness while energizing and brightening your skin at any time during the day.

Natura Bissè Diamond Life Infusion Over $200, Price,

Natura Bissè Diamond Life Infusion

A powerful night treatment exclusively designed to treat skin ages 35 and over, formulated with a revolutionary natural magnetite. This recently discovered ingredient, BIO-MAGNET NANOSOME (PATENT PENDING), provides extremely effective results for improving the appearance of skin tone and luminosity. This cutting-edge formulation helps improve the appearance of skin to keep you looking radiant and youthful.

DIAMOND LIFE INFUSION is an ampoule-strength serum formulated with 16 potent anti-aging ingredients combined to enhance their synergy with the exclusive cutting-edge DIAMOND DELIVERY SYSTEM which helps to provide a greater and more even delivery of ingredients, providing long-lasting and cumulative results. This groundbreaking serum provides the skin with the highest concentration of potent ingredients within the DIAMOND COLLECTION for unprecedented results.

  • Provides a rejuvenated look and feel to the skin
  • Provides the skin with a luminous, youthful glow.
  • Helps to diminish the appearance and feel of fine lines, wrinkles and skin roughness.
  • Hydrates dry skin making it appear smooth.
  • Restores the appearance of even skin tone.

25ml. / 0.8 oz pump
Natura Bissè Glyco Extreme Peel Over $200, Price,

Natura Bissè Glyco Extreme Peel

A weekly intensive triple exfoliating system formulated with high concentrations of innovative exfoliating ingredients that restore a youthful and supple appearance to the skin. Its properties eliminate dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. It contains a Beta-lipoacid (BLA) molecule that reaches the deepest layers of the skin and accelerates its renewal process.


  • Does not irritate the skin. Ideal for all skin types
  • It renews mature and damaged skin.
  • Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots.
  • Provides an immediate lifting effect.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • The skin is perfectly renewed and smooth.
  • Eliminates dead skin cells and impurities.
  • Helps generate a constant skin renewal.
  • Leaves skin smooth, radiant and free of wrinkles.

30 ml. / 1 oz. Pump
NuFACE Trinity Facial Trainer Kit in Coral Crush Over $200, Price,

NuFACE Trinity Facial Trainer Kit in Coral Crush

WHAT IT IS: Introducing the NuFACE Trinity in Coral Crush, a limited edition color for spring! The NuFACE Trinity is a multi-solution, skin care device innovatively-designed with interchangeable treatment attachments to help rejuvenate and improve your appearance. The Trinity device comes standard with the Trinity Facial Trainer, a microcurrent treatment attachment FDA-cleared for facial stimulation. 

WHAT IT DOES: Gently stimulates the larger surface areas of the face. 

WHY WE LOVE IT: CLINICALLY TESTED for improved facial contour, skin tone and wrinkle reduction in as little as 5-minutes a day.* NuFACE Trinity in Coral Crush is an exclusive color and will only be available for a limited time.

RèVive Defensif Renewal Serum Over $200, Price,

RèVive Defensif Renewal Serum

Powered by RES and featuring powerful antioxidants, this serum helps shield skin against daily environmental aggressors and free radical damage. Helps improve skin tone, texture and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


- Helps shield skin against daily environmental aggressors and free radical damage that cause visible signs of aging.

- Encourages skin cell renewal to improve skin texture and clarity, unveiling healthy-looking, even-toned skin.

- Diminishes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Skin Type: All skin types.

Net Wt.: 30 ml/1 fl. oz. liq. US



RèVive Intensitè Moisture Serum Extreme Over $200, Price,

RèVive Intensitè Moisture Serum Extreme

Powered by RES and featuring Soy Proteins and Amino Acids, this powerful hydrating serum floods skin with instant and continuous moisture. Helps skin replenish its own moisture to plump skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Helps skin replenish its own moisture by:
  • Refilling skin’s (natural) moisture reserves
  • trengthening and repairing skin’s moisture barrier to more effectively retain moisture
  • Encouraging skin’s natural moisturization process
  • Plumps appearance of skin with moisturizer to reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Leaves skin soft, supple and dewy with the legendary RéVive glow.

Skin Type: Dry to Very Dry skin

Net Wt.: 30 ml / 1 fl. oz. liq. US

Key Ingredients: Soy Proteins And Amino Acids

RèVive Intensite Travel Collection Over $200, Price,

RèVive Intensite Travel Collection

This essential limited edition travel collection features our most intensive, anti-aging bestsellers in convenient travel size. Used together, this powerful regimen visibly “fills in the gap.” Plumping. Volumizing. Nourishing. Restoring firmness and elasticity for rejuvenated, more youthful looking skin. 

Limited Edition Collection includes:
Intensité Volumizing Serum – 5 ml
Intensité Les Yeux – 0.5 oz
Intensité Volumizing Eye Serum – 3 ml
RèVive Intensitè Volumizing Eye Serum Over $200, Price,

RèVive Intensitè Volumizing Eye Serum

One of the most visible signs of aging is the loss of facial volume. The Intensitè Volumizing Eye Serum plumps, re-builds, re-contours and re-establishes volume around the eyes. Skin appears firmer, vibrant and younger-looking.
Intensité Volumizing Eye Serum:

  • Visibly plumps and helps rebuild, re-contour and re-establish volume around the delicate eye area. Fills in visible deep under-eye “hollows” by plumping and smoothing skin.
  • Significantly diminishes the look of dark circles, under eye-bags and crepiness.
  • Helps regenerate the look of youthful skin and improve visible signs of aging by aiding in skin cell turnover.
RèVive Intensitè Volumizing Serum Over $200, Price,

RèVive Intensitè Volumizing Serum

Powered by RES and a peptide complex, this serum addresses the subtle loss of facial volume that dramatically ages a face. Visible volume loss could never be managed with a skincare cream…until now. Intensité™ Volumizing Serum with RES Technology increases the appearance of facial volume and visibly plumps trouble zones – especially puppet lines, nasal labial creases and crow’s feet. It also improves the visible signs of aging by aiding in skin cell turnover. Powerful antioxidants help shield against pollution and skin stressors while an added Brightening Complex helps even skin tone. Skin appears firmer and vibrant with increased facial volume. 

RESULTS: Within weeks, your skin appears firmer with increased volume, and is more dewy and radiant.

SKIN TYPE: Normal to dry skin, with volume loss.

NET WT 1.0 FL OZ / 30 ML


  • KGF [Keratinocyte Growth Factor]: The most potent molecule which improves the skin's appearance after the subtle loss of facial volume. Its dynamic activity allows for a dialogue with the skin that contributes to the appearance of increased volume after several weeks.
  • Antioxidants: A powerful anti-radical defense system, shield against pollution and skin stressors. An added Brightening Complex helps even out skin tone.
RèVive Peau Magnifique Les Mains Over $200, Price,

RèVive Peau Magnifique Les Mains

Inspired by the concept of “New skin, no trauma”, Dr. Brown created this targeted hand treatment, featuring a breakthrough bio-complex of key ingredients that mimic skin repair, without actually traumatizing the skin or causing downtime.

This powerful skin-transforming treatment helps slow the visible signs of aging with a blend of “youth-recruiting” ingredients that provide dramatic results in just four weeks or less of targeted applications.  It merges bio-technology with beauty, resulting in a laser-free “lift” and a marked improvement to skin.
RèVive Pore Correctif Multi-Action Repair Serum Over $200, Price,

RèVive Pore Correctif Multi-Action Repair Serum

This Multi-Action Repair Serum addresses pores instantly and long-term, from the top layer of the skin to deep within the surface.

As skin ages, pores become more visible, ultimately creating uneven-looking skin. After much research, Dr. Brown found the solution to this problem with the use of an exciting new enzyme and amino acid blend we call Pore Repair Complex. When skin cells are young and healthy, as they rise to the surface to flake away (desquamation), they flatten resulting in smooth looking skin with less noticeable pores. As skin ages, the ability for cells to flatten diminishes. Therefore, when cells rise to the surface they create a cone-like structure around pores which makes the pores appear deeper, larger and more noticeable on skin’s surface. 

Our innovative Pore Repair Complex mimics healthy, younger cells by encouraging skin cells to flatten when they rise to the surface for desquamation. The result: pore appears smaller and skin has an improved, younger-looking texture and even tone. 

Creed Aventus Over $200, Price,

Creed Aventus

The most popular fragrance ever created in the history of the House of Creed, Aventus is a fragrance for men - also adored by women - celebrating strength, power, vision and success.


Creed Bois du Portugal Over $200, Price,

Creed Bois du Portugal

The word "bois" means "woods". The fragrant woods of Portugal inspired this luxuriously rich, warm and masculine blend.

Classification: Woody/Oriental

Characteristics: A rich, warm, mysterious scent, CREED Bois du Portugal is bursting with personality and power. Its intoxicating aroma charms you at once, then slowly invites you in to explore its hidden depths. Complex, alluring, soothing. Although it is beloved by men,CREED Bois du Portugal is also appealing to women who appreciate a rich fragrance.

  • Top Notes: Bergamot
  • Middle Notes: Lavender
  • Base Notes: Cedar, sandalwood from Mysore, vetiver and ambergris

    2.5 oz/75 ml spray
Creed Erolfa Over $200, Price,

Creed Erolfa

CREED family memories of happy times sailing on the Mediterranean inspired the nautical fragrance Erolfa -- and prompted Olivier CREED, sixth-generation master perfumer, to name this universal scent for his family:

ER stands for Erwin CREED, only son of Olivier CREED. Erwin is the seventh generation and future head of the House of CREED.
OL stands for Olivia, Mr. CREED’s only daughter and a talented visual artist who works for the company.
FA stand for Fabienne, Erwin’s and Olivia’s mother.

Whether you enjoy the excitement of a regatta or admiring the sea from comfort on shore, CREED Erolfa takes you away to the beauty of the sparkling seas.

Classification: Green / Fresh

Characteristics: Invigorating, uplifting and inspiring, CREED Erolfa is the fragrance of maritime champions. Its oceanic freshness evokes the exuberance of sailing on the high seas.

  • Top Notes: Citrus fruits and bergamot
  • Middle Notes: Herbal notes
  • Base Notes: Ambergris

2.5 oz/75 ml spray

Creed Fleurissimo Over $200, Price,

Creed Fleurissimo

Enjoy a real-life storybook romance with CREED Fleurissimo, the classic floral fragrance commissioned by a royal prince for his American bride on her wedding day. Fleurissimo was made to complement the royal bouquet she carried down the aisle. Fleurissimo is a magnificent blend of Hollywood glamour and royal quality. In 2006, CREED celebrated the 50th anniversary of the royal wedding and Fleurissimo.

Classification: Floral / Fresh

Characteristics: A sumptuous blend of tubereuse, Bulgarian rose, violet and Florentine iris, Fleurissimo will bring out the princess in any woman, and inspire her to dream of royal beauty and romance.

  • Top Notes: Bergamot
  • Middle Notes: Tuberose, Bulgarian Rose, Violet, Florentine Iris
  • Base Notes: Ambergris
Creed Fleurs de Bulgarie Over $200, Price,

Creed Fleurs de Bulgarie

Made for a queen who ascended the throne of England as a teen and ruled for decades. She wore the fragrance she commissioned from CREED throughout her illustrious reign -- and named CREED an official supplier to the royal court. At once youthful and classically timeless, CREED Fleurs de Bulgarie is made with the essence of pure Bulgarian roses - the finest in the world - over a classic musk base.

Classification: Floral / Classic

Characteristics: A regal essence fit for a queen, CREED Fleurs de Bulgarie is a blend of the best Bulgarian roses. A refined expression of elegance and timeless beauty, this scent is the perfect choice for the woman who expects nothing less than the best the world can offer.

  • Top Notes: Bergamot
  • Middle Notes: Bulgarian rose
  • Base Notes: Ambergris infusion and musk

2.5 oz/ 75 ml spray

Creed Green Irish Tweed Over $200, Price,

Creed Green Irish Tweed

As classic as a perfectly tailored tuxedo on Oscar night, CREED Green Irish Tweed is loyally worn by today's Hollywood leading men who ask for it by name. A film colony legend like the stars who wear it, Green Irish Tweed has an invigorating freshness and pure masculinity that have made it not only one of the most artistic fragrances from Olivier CREED, but also one of the most successful.

Classification: Green / Woods / Classic

Characteristics: As refreshing as a walk through the Irish countryside, Green Irish Tweed is one of the signature scents of the House of CREED. Rich, fresh, green, spicy, sporty, original and unforgettable.

  • Top Notes: French verbena, Florentine iris
  • Middle Notes: Violet leaves
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood from Mysore, ambergris
Creed Himalaya Over $200, Price,

Creed Himalaya

CREED Himalaya is a fragrance of rugged masculinity and strength. Olivier CREED made this scent to commemorate his daring climb in the beautiful but treacherous Himalayan mountains. CREED Himalaya is a fragrance that evokes the power and majesty of man and nature.

The one-of-a-kind metallic bottle makes a statement of unmistakable confidence. The bottle was developed by Erwin CREED, the seventh generation and designated future head of the House of CREED. Many say it resembles ice on mountain rocks. Others say it resembles a climber's canteen.

Classification: Woody Oriental / Fresh

Characteristics: A luminously clean scent of uplifting freshness, CREED Himalaya also reveals hidden layers of meaning with a seductive ambiguity that transcends categorization.

  • Top Notes: Grapefruit, bergamot from Calabria, lemon from Sicily
  • Middle Notes: Sandalwood
  • Base Notes: Musk, ambergris, cedarwood
Creed Imperial Millesime Over $200, Price,

Creed Imperial Millesime

This light and invigorating scent for men and women evokes the citrus groves and lush landscape of a seaside palace in Sicily. As versatile as it is beautiful, CREED Imperial Millesime can be worn by men and women for any occasion, from corporate suite to evening out.

A scent for persons of stature, Millesime Imperial is famed for its golden look and feel that fit perfectly with the Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and Tony, a reason for this fragrance's lasting popularity with the world's top entertainers, male and female. Imperial Millesime is literally the gold standard in fragrance.

Classification: Citrus / Floral

Characteristics: Warm and romantic with crisp citrus and soft flowers wafting on a sweet, salt air, Imperial Millesime transports you to another world of opulence and luxury.

  • Top Notes: Crisp fruit notes, sea salt
  • Middle Notes: Sicilian lemon, bergamot, mandarin, Florentine Iris
  • Base Notes: Musk, woody and marine notes
Creed Love in Black Over $200, Price,

Creed Love in Black

Olivier CREED with his son, Erwin, presents a fragrance that evokes in dusk blooming wildflowers the enigmatic beauty of America's most intriguing First Lady of the 20th century: her dark, mysterious eyes behind black sunglasses, her wavelets of brunette hair, her trim shape in a black sheath. To create Love In Black, Mr. CREED blended ingredients from places loved by this well-traveled woman. Even the bottle is made with black sand like that in the Greek isles where she wed a legendary shipping tycoon. CREED Love In Black is released on the 40th anniversary of that wedding.

Classification: Violet Oriental

Characteristics: The royal American élan of an unforgettable First Lady is found in this blend that includes Virginia cedar from the countryside where she enjoyed the chic equestrian life, often in a black velvet riding cap.

  • Top Note: Night-blooming wildflowers from the Greek isles where she wed 40 years ago; Violet from Italy, where she later visited; Virginia cedar.
  • Middle Note: Iris from Florence, a favorite city; Clove; Tonkin musk.
  • Bottom Note: Blackcurrant from Bourgogne in her beloved France, where her ancestors were born; Bulgarian rose.
Creed Love in White Over $200, Price,

Creed Love in White

Enjoyed by two First Ladies of the United States, Love In White evokes America's most influential women. It is the first CREED fragrance ever to debut in the USA, as opposed to France. On the night of November 16, 2005, the exterior lights of the Empire State Building were pure white in honor of the debut of Love In White. The fragrance takes its name from Mr. CREED's love of sailing.

Classification: Floral / Oriental

1 oz./30 ml., 2.5 oz./.75 ml.
Creed Neroli Sauvage Over $200, Price,

Creed Neroli Sauvage

The neroli flower was named for a high living duchess of Nerola (a small city near Rome). The word "sauvage" means "wild". With Neroli Sauvage, Mr. CREED celebrates the Duchess whose castle and neroli gardens were famous for joyous parties in summertime.

Like neroli in the garden of the Duchess, CREED's Neroli Sauvage is for men and women.

Classification: Citrus / Rich

Characteristics: Delicate, green, sweet, spicy and fresh. CREED Neroli Sauvage is a universal millesime fragrance.

  • Top Notes: Grapefruit, bergamot
  • Middle Notes: Neroli, verbena
  • Base Notes: Ambergris

2.5 oz/ 75 ml

Creed Original Santal Over $200, Price,

Creed Original Santal

India's royal and spiritual splendor meet in Original Santal, the contemporary scent for men and women from master perfumer Olivier CREED, who for the first time looks to Asia for inspiration.

Mr. CREED combines the essence of royal sandalwood trees from India with other pure elements known for sublime scent, spiritual strength and calming power. Red-as-rubies Original Santal aspires to opulent inner calm for those who wear it.

Classification: Woody / Oriental

Characteristics: Made with heartwood essence of royal sandalwood trees from Mysore, India and other pure ingredients revered for their capacity to soothe.

  • Top Notes: Royal Indian sandalwood; cinnamon evoking calm and home; divine coriander; fragrant, cleansing juniper berry.
  • Middle Notes: Tender lavender, leaves of the absolute orange tree; fragrant rosemary; revitalizing ginger.
  • Base Notes: Soulful Tonka bean; dreamlike vanilla
Creed Original Vetiver Over $200, Price,

Creed Original Vetiver

True to its name, Original Vetiver is a dramatic re-invention of a vetiver-based scent. Whereas traditional vetiver fragrances are derived from the roots of the plant, Original Vetiver achieves a new and natural, original freshness by infusing the vetiver leaves into the blend.

Classification: Woody Green / Fresh

Characteristics: Green, with a kiss of Mediterranean citrus and spice, Original Vetiver is a warm, sensual, original fragrance evoking the lingering sunshine and relaxed sophistication of summers in the South of France. A "universal" scent, Original Vetiver is equally alluring on either women or men.

  • Top Notes: Ginger, Mandarine, Italian Bergamot
  • Middle Notes: Vetiver from Haiti, Sandalwood from Mysore, Iris from Florence
  • Base Notes: Musk, Ambergris
Creed Royal Oud Over $200, Price,

Creed Royal Oud

“Wood, leather marble and gold,” elements of a royal Persian palace, inspire Olivier CREED, sixth-generation master perfumer of France, an architect of fragrance, to create new Royal-Oud for men and women.  Rare, hypnotic, sumptuous oud, an ingredient coaxed from Agarwood trees of India –- and more costly per ounce than palladium –- lends its power to this blend.  CREED Royal-Oud gives the contemporary American man and woman a touch of the splendor of palace life, Persian and Parisian™. 2.5 oz
Creed Royal Water Over $200, Price,

Creed Royal Water

Royal Water is a dry, clean understated classic created as a tribute to the next generation of royals. With its versatility and regal appeal, Royal Water is a scent beloved by men and women alike. Royal Water captures the glamour, energy and power of tomorrow's international newsmakers.

Classification: Herbal / Citrus

Characteristics: Fresh and cool, Royal Water is an invigorating celebration of personal spirit. Regal, refined, yet refreshingly approachable – just like the young royals of the House of Windsor.

  • Top notes: Fresh citrus infusion with peppermint
  • Middle Notes: Juniper berry, basil
  • Base Notes: Musk, ambergris

2.5 oz/ 75 ml

Creed Silver Mountain Water Over $200, Price,

Creed Silver Mountain Water

Master perfumer Olivier CREED’s favorite, Silver Mountain Water evokes sparkling streams of water coursing through the snow-topped alps of Switzerland. A championship skier, Mr. CREED finds relaxation and renewal in this pure and bracing landscape.

Silver Mountain Water's bottle looks like a Swiss mountain topped with virgin snow. Its cap is a glistening silver stream.CREED Silver Mountain Water is invigorating luxury and purity in a bottle.

Classification: Green / Fresh

1 oz./30 ml., 2.5 oz./75 ml., 4 oz./120 ml. 

Creed Spring Flower Over $200, Price,

Creed Spring Flower

Celebrate the exuberance of new romance with CREED Spring Flower, a fresh, floral fragrance of pure femininity from the House of CREED. CREED made Spring Flower as the signature scent of a silver screen legend, fashion icon and renowned humanitarian. The scent was released to the public many years later.

Classification: Floral / Fresh

Characteristics: Delightfully pink and pretty, CREED Spring Flower is a playful and unapologetic celebration of feminine energy and style that is true to the spirit of the woman who inspired it. Fruity, floral, sweet, youthful and sexy.

  • Top Notes: Peach, melon, apple
  • Middle Notes: Jasmine, rose
  • Base Notes: Musk, ambergris
Creed Tabarome Millesime Over $200, Price,

Creed Tabarome Millesime

A fragrance for men who aspire to be leaders, CREED Tabarome Millesime has the essence of success in every drop. Tabarome Millesime was commissioned by a legendary British statesman who loved fine brandy and highest quality cigars. The name "Tabarome" honors the pinch of finest tobacco aroma that gives this fragrance its English club luxury.

Classification: Dry Woods / Fresh

Characteristics: A rich, warm, sensual scent perfectly balanced by a citrus freshness that is appealing to both men and women. Original, sensual, sophisticated.

  • Top Notes: Bergamot, Tangerine
  • Middle Notes: Ginger
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood, Patchouli, ambergris Tobacco, leather

2.5 oz/ 75 ml

Creed Tubereuse Indiana Over $200, Price,

Creed Tubereuse Indiana

Open the "inner eye" to your mind and soul with the lush warmth and serenity of Tubereuse Indiana from the House of CREED. Tubereuse has long been treasured in Ayurvedic (eastern mystical) tradition for its ability to improve one’s capacity for emotional depth, serenity and artistic inspiration. Worn at night, this fragrance has been known to induce sweet dreams.

Classification: Oriental / Floral / Crisp

Characteristics: The bewitching scent of tuberose from India ("Indiana") joins with rich vanilla in this beautifully exotic blend reminiscent of a tropical seaside paradise.

  • Top Notes: Bergamot
  • Middle Notes: Indian tubereuse
  • Base Notes: Vanilla and ambergris infusion

2.5 oz/ 75 ml

Creed Virgin Island Water Over $200, Price,

Creed Virgin Island Water

Virgin Island Water is one of the newest fragrance for men and women from sixth-generation master perfumer Olivier CREED. It celebrates a sailing adventure Mr. CREED enjoyed with his son, Erwin, and a royal couple near Ginger Island, an uninhabited xanadu in the Virgin Islands ruled by the British crown.

Virgin Island Water was awarded four out of five stars in a review by The New York Times.

Classification: Fresh / Citrus

Characteristics: Virgin Island Water captures the tropical splendor of scents carried in the trade winds of Sir Francis Drake Channel near Ginger Island in the Caribbean.

  • Top Note: Essence of copra (the white inner portion of the coconut); lime of the Antilles; white bergamot and mandarin orange from Sicily.
  • Middle Note: Hibiscus, ginger, ylang-ylang and Indian jasmine.
  • Bottom Note: Sugar cane and white rum of the Antilles, musk from Tonkin.
Darphin Stimulskin Plus Divine Lifting Cream Over $200, Price,

Darphin Stimulskin Plus Divine Lifting Cream

This Darphin uber-cream within the luxurious Stimulskin Plus skin care line offers a comprehensive solution to visible signs of aging. Darphin quintessence in a jar: our optimal extraordinary blend of leading edge anti-aging technology and exquisite, indulgent aromatic and natural ingredients all in an ultra-comfortable, fresh "melting" texture with and irresistible, delectable, uplifting aroma.

50 mL/1.7 oz
Darphin Stimulskin Plus Lift Renewal Series Over $200, Price,

Darphin Stimulskin Plus Lift Renewal Series

A precious, ground-breaking treatment that promotes cell renewal in an optimal 30-day period while reinforcing tissue structure to revitalize and rejuvenate skin. Designed for aging skin diminished by stress, climate change, fatigue, sun damage and hormonal changes. Since mature skin is less able to recover from such severe conditions it requires a complete remedy - an intensive cellular regeneration.

6) 5 mL/.17 oz vials
Darphin Stimulskin Plus Rejuvenating Lifting Serum Over $200, Price,

Darphin Stimulskin Plus Rejuvenating Lifting Serum

This precious, high-potency serum is the ultimate, daily “multi-tasker” to help address and reduce the visible signs of aging. Its luxurious formula firms and lifts the look of skin facial contours, boosts natural collagen production and elastin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, age spots and blotchiness, and repairs skin’s moisture barrier for an overall youthful-looking skin. Follow the Darphin Stimulskin Plus Rejuvenating Lifting Serum application with your appropriate Darphin Cream.

30 mL/1 oz
Fresh Elixir Ancienne Over $200, Price,

Fresh Elixir Ancienne

A precious, ultra-nourishing blend of pure oils and restorative age-delay extracts proven to immediately reduce the number of wrinkles by 56% and the total length of wrinkles by 62%. The non-comedogenic oil therapy also firms, tones, hydrates, and boosts radiance. The restorative blend includes meadowfoam seed oil, a unique fatty acid easily absorbed by the skin that works to plump and firm the complexion and improve overall elasticity, and antioxidant-rich seabuckthorn oil, which is packed with high amounts of omega -7 fatty acids that enhance cell regeneration. Skin-firming amino acids also work to lift, tone, and firm the skin, while commiphora extract plumps and visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles.Beauty rituals involving oil therapies like Elixir Ancien have been used for over 2,000 years. To preserve its rich heritage and fragile ingredients, the oils are hand-blended in a European monastery.
La Mer - The Hydrating Facial Over $200, Price,

La Mer - The Hydrating Facial

A sumptuous spa-like facial that saturates the skin with signature Hydrating Ferments to reawaken the appearance of youth.

6 applications 
La Mer Crème de la Mer Over $200, Price,

La Mer Crème de la Mer

The legendary Crème that has inspired a cult following.

 1oz., 2 oz., 16.5 oz. 
La Mer The Body Crème Over $200, Price,

La Mer The Body Crème

A sumptuous cream that saturates the skin with a wave of long-lasting hydration.

6.7 oz., 10 oz. 
La Mer The Concentrate Over $200, Price,

La Mer The Concentrate

A revolutionary treatment that complements skin's natural healing process.

1 oz., 1.7 fl. oz.
La Mer The Moisturizing Gel Cream Over $200, Price,

La Mer The Moisturizing Gel Cream

An ultralight edition of the original Crème de la Mer that hydrates and refreshes the skin, leaving a supremely soft finish.

2 oz.
La Mer The Moisturizing Lotion Over $200, Price,

La Mer The Moisturizing Lotion

A versatile, lightweight version of the legendary Crème de la Mer.

1.7 fl. oz.
La Mer The Oil Absorbing Lotion Over $200, Price,

La Mer The Oil Absorbing Lotion

A versatile, oil-free version of the legendary Crème de la Mer.

1.7 fl. oz.
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