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Lafco Mint Candle Tin

UPC: 727080000132


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Lafco Mint Candle Tin

UPC: 727080000132727080000132


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The first in a series of affordable luxuries, these candles in LAFCO’s best selling fragrances come in the most charming custom tin ever. Designed for luxurious practicality, the lid can be used as a stand and of course a box of matches is included. Whether used as a travel candle, to add that special ambiance to any space, or simply to try multiple fragrances, these candles are sure to be a hit. Giving you the same great quality and design as always, these candles are “LAFCO Luxury” in a more compact size. 5.12 oz (30 hour burn time).
Hydrogenated Vegetable Glycerides, Paraffin, Microcrystaline Wax, Antioxidant, Antioxidan, UV Light Absorvber, Polymer, Fragrance, Colorant


Lafco Mint Candle TinWrite A Review

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