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Trish McEvoy Brush Bath

UPC: 791222990322


5.01 Reviews

Trish McEvoy

Trish McEvoy Brush Bath

UPC: 791222990322791222990322


5.01 ReviewsWrite A Review


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This gentle, effective brush shampoo is designed to safely remove makeup and residue without drying, damaging or leaving residue on brushes. 118 ml / 4 fl oz
* Safe for natural and synthetic brushes
Brushes should be washed at the sink and let to dry over the edge of any surface. Do not submerge ferrule or hairs may be loosened. Apply a small amount of Brush Bath into the palm of your hand or small dish. In a pool of warm water shallower than your brush's ferrule, swirl the brush head gently till you see a colorful lather. Rinse beneath a slow stream of warm water until the water runs clear.


Trish McEvoy Brush BathWrite A Review

5.01 Reviews(Avg 5.0/5)


Best bursh cleaner

This is the best brush cleaner I have ever used. I got my brushes clean so fast and they smelled great.

Pros: Quick clean, great smell

Cons: None

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5.01 Reviews(Avg 5.0/5)