Peter Thomas Roth

Peter Thomas Roth’s passion for skin care is derived from his quest to find effective products to treat his own personal skin care concerns. Initially his primary issue was acne and as time went on anti-aging issues as well. His interests eventually grew into a desire to find the best tools to combat acne, the many signs of aging, as well as protecting the skin from sun damage.

As the first generation child of Hungarian parents, and a frequent visitor to Hungary, skin care is an inherent part of Peter's heritage. Nearly 100 years ago, Peter's family owned and operated two spa resorts in Hungary. When Peter launched his company in 1993, he started with the basic soothing and healing philosophies of the many muds and minerals found in the thermal springs that Hungary is famous for. Peter blends the old Hungarian philosophies with 21st century skin care technologies and ingredients to create effective skin care that does what it promises to do!

Peter is actively involved in the research and development of progressive, new, cutting edge products in the company owned lab and production facility. The product line currently consists of a comprehensive range of over 100 products. It covers all aspects of skin care, for all skin types and address all skin care needs from head to toe. The Peter Thomas Roth line is created to be customized to an individual’s skin care needs. It can be used equally well by anyone who wants great skin care or who has specific skin care needs.

Peter really enjoys getting to meet his customers. It is truly satisfying when someone like himself, who has struggled to find the right products, tells him that the Peter Thomas Roth products solved their skin care concerns. Time and time again what Peter hears from customers is that they love Peter Thomas Roth's products because they WORK!

Peter’s other passion is his family. He is married to Noreen Donovan Roth, Peter Thomas Roth's Managing Director and they are the proud parents of two children both of whom are budding skin care junkies!