Skin Care Specialist for baby mother-to-be.
In 1950, the very first Mustela product was created. At this time mothers were searching for a product designed specifically to cleanse the delicate skin of their newborn babies without the harsh drying effects of ordinary soaps used at the time. By combining gentle cleansing ingredients with moisturizing sweet almond oil, Mustela revolutionized the daily bath routine, by creating one easy to use product, Mustela Cleansing Lotion for Babies.

From these modest beginnings, Mustela has grown to become a true umbrella brand with a comprehensive line of skin care products for babies, the world’s first line of UV Protection Products totally free of chemical filters, and a line of maternity skin care products. Mustela Bébé and Mustela 9 Months are totally dedicated to the special skin care needs of children and mothers.

Mustela relies on the Research and Development Center which supports all divisions within Expanscience Laboratories. The brand benefits from the most recent findings concerning natural active ingredients, technology, cosmetics developments and skin biology, resulting from the investments made by the company in Research and Development.

In order to offer products that are effective and endowed with maximum safety of use, Mustela: Rigorously selects the raw materials that are used in collaboration with leading healthcare professionals (dermatologists, pediatricians, toxicologists and allergologists). Carefully selects the raw materials that are used.

The Team

Multidisciplinary team of researchers, engineers, chemists, pharmacists, doctors, dermatologists and pediatricians develop products with impeccable safety standards. Product tolerance and effectiveness are then tested under medical control, in hospitals or by independent experts.

Bringing its trademark fragrance for over the past 50 years to products that have cared for millions of children, generation after generation, Mustela has never ceased to promote its value of quality, safety, comfort and pleasure.

Mustela. Skin care specialist for baby and mothers-to-be. A vocation that is in harmony with that of Expanscience Laboratories “Providing Better Well-Being”.

Expanscience Laboratories
Our Mission: Providing Better Well-Being
From the start, our goal has been to continuously improve our effectiveness in order to give total satisfaction to our customers.

Our vocation is to develop medications (original products, ethical and generic) for the health of our patients, and dermo-cosmetic products for the skin of our consumers.

Created in 1950, Expanscience Laboratories have expanded considerably during this half century, in France and abroad. Today, they have a presence in more than 40 countries around the world.

Expanscience Laboratories specializes in 4 areas: dermo-cosmetics, dermatology, dental products, general medicine / rheumatology.

For their growth, Expanscience Laboratories relies on:


Since 1950, Mustela has expressed its expertise through the development of products specially formulated for newborns, babies and children. More recently, Mustela has expanded its knowledge of skin care to provide products for mothers-to-be.