Salvatore & Grant
Co-founders and residents of Manhattan and Southampton, NY.

Salvatore and Grant wanted to create something very special—bringing the glamour back into sunbathing.

After studying a basket full of different types of suntan products by the pool one day, they wanted to create something that was completely different. It had to be natural, feel light, silky, clean and rejuvenating, contain the most powerful antioxidants along with vitamins A through E and provide UVA/UVB protection to help reduce premature signs of aging. Having achieved this, the line also had to have a complete spectrum of SPF protection for all skin types, be hypo-allergenic and dermatologically tested for safety. After working with a highly experienced chemist for over a year perfecting the formulas, we finally achieved our goal.

Hampton Sun hopes you enjoy the line as much as Sal and Grant enjoy it with  friends in the Hamptons… remember, be Smart and be Serious about the sun protection you choose, that’s Smart Serious Sunbathing.