Anthony Sosnick Founder Anthony Sosnick
Some people take a while to find their niche, then burst into the scene with a bang. Anthony Sosnick, creator of Anthony Logistics For Men, spent nearly 10 years as partner and vice-president of a Michigan-based real estate development firm before making his appearance in the world of men's grooming. Armed with his savvy business sense, invaluable work experience, and fiery entrepreneurial spirit, Sosnick decided to venture into the personal care arena after his search for the perfect collection of men's skincare proved disappointing in a market geared mostly towards women. Dismayed by the lack of choices, he set out to personally deliver a head-to-toe men's grooming line for modern men just like himself.

After two years of conducting extensive marketing and product research, hundreds of surveys, worldwide focus-group studies, and sample distributions, Anthony Logistics was born. With a meticulous approach towards perfection, Sosnick developed the line based on direct feedback regarding the specific concerns and needs of men—from their preference for oversized tubes to fragrance-free formulas.

Soon, the idea of Anthony Logistics developed into a comprehensive line consisting of over 60 products broken down into four core areas: face, shave, hair, and body. Each product was formulated with natural ingredients and essential oils specifically beneficial to men's skin.

In 2004, Sosnick launched Anthony Logistics Solution Based, the first clinical skincare line for men. Designed to solve crucial skin issues like acne and aging, the nature-based product range was ready and waiting when the men's grooming industry (and men's grooming habits) ventured into the next level of more treatment-oriented skincare.
Beyond meeting the grooming needs of men, Sosnick is passionate about creating awareness of the importance of personal care for men as a whole. Case in point: his dedication to aiding Prostate Cancer research, a disease that afflicts one in six men. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of Anthony Logistics For Men products is donated to multiple nonprofit organizations dedicated to eradicating the disease. The signature blue "Fight Against Prostate Cancer" ribbon adorns all his packaging to display the company's devoted support.

Today, Anthony Logistics is one of the largest men's skincare brands out there, making Sosnick a true leader in the, once limited, men's grooming industry. Determined to be more than just a trend, Sosnick continues to set the standard for grooming perfection, man to man, plain and simple—just how it should be.