The European Leader of Luxury Skin Care


Clarins was inspired by founder Jacques Courtin-Clarins’ love and respect for the beauty of women, and nature.

As a medical student in Paris, he experienced firsthand how maintaining beauty was as important to most women

as maintaining good health. It was this realization that motivated the young man to devote his life to the field of beauty with the creation of the first Clarins Institute de Beauté in Paris in 1954—a passion he passed on to his sons Christian and Olivier, who lead the company today. 

Courtin-Clarins said, “I created Clarins with love, so that every woman can feel happier in her skin, and more beautiful every day.”

Since the company opened its doors, Clarins’ reputation for customer service, and plant-based products, has made it

the choice of the world’s most discerning clientele—including millions of loyal customers across 150 nations.

With devotion and respect, Clarins Skin Care Specialists create personalized experiences by listening, providing expert advice, and recommending innovative beauty solutions tailored to each customer’s individual skin care concerns.

Based on the success of advanced plant science, Courtin-Clarins’ exclusive Application Methods, and superb customer service—in the early nineties, Clarins became Europe’s No. 1 luxury skin care company. It remains a family-owned business committed to offering women and men the finest plant-derived beauty formulas and Skin Spa services in the industry.


Clarins loves nature. From the hearts of the deepest forests to the bottoms of the deepest seas, Clarins Research travels the world on an ongoing quest to find the most powerful active plant extracts—then harnesses their natural energy into formulas that are unsurpassed in gentleness and efficacy.

Each plant ingredient is sourced following procedures that respect and preserve the environment; then analyzed and tested (but never on animals) with a single goal—to extract the most potent molecules and utilize them in ideal combinations to ensure optimal safety and clinical results.

Clarins products are “open formulas” that are continually updated and enhanced with new plant ingredients as they are discovered.  Each formula is created and tested in Clarins’ family-owned research laboratories to ensure the highest standards of purity, quality and performance.


At the heart of Clarins is a passion for beauty—the beauty of women, but also the beauty of actions—in reaching out and respecting others.  From the very beginning, and with a long term vision, Clarins’ values have been based on an abiding respect for humankind and nature.

As leaders of responsible development, Clarins works with associations that protect biodiversity, support women, children, the planet—and participates in Fair Trade partnerships to help create a more beautiful future in every corner

of the world.