Nature Bissè

NATURA BISSÉ was founded in Barcelona on June 7, 1979 by Ricardo Fisas Mulleras. It is wholly made up of Spanish capital and belongs almost in its entirety to the Fisas family. At the end of the 70’s, after having run a research laboratory, Mr. Fisas tested the cosmetic effectiveness of amino acids in free form by carrying out a series of trials under clinical and hospital dermatological controls. Once the highly successful results were seen, Ricardo Fisas decided to launch his product to the market. Since then, product quality is one of the cornerstones of its success. Today, NATURA BISSÉ is recognized as a leader in high-tech innovation and a pioneer in translating aesthetic science into advanced skincare solutions. Internationally renowned celebrities, stylists and make-up artists have become loyal followers of the brand that for years accompanies the most important film events worldwide.

Ricardo Fisas Mulleras passed away on January 21st, 2012. After his passing, his whife Gloria Vergés de Fisas became the president of the NATURA BISSÉ group as well as the Fundación Ricardo Fisas, a humanitarian project that they founded together and to which she is now more dedicated than ever. Professionalism, commitment, excellence and integrity are the core principles that Ricardo Fisas established in his firm’s DNA and which continue to be the pillars upon which NATURA BISSÉ stands. NATURA BISSÉ continues to be a family-owned and –run company. Since its inception, the Fisas family has brought its passion for innovation and advancement to the forefront of day to day business, developing a dynamic and agile business model. As a result, NATURA BISSÉ is quick to respond to the market and, in many cases, is one step ahead – creating the trends. Furthermore, the company boasts its own R&D, technical assessment, and manufacturing teams.