Should I moisturize before or after using TanTowel®?

TanTowel® needs to be applied to CLEAN and DRY skin (meaning free of lotions, creams, and oils). We recommend using TanTowel® Moisture Mist and TanTowel® On The Glow® lotions; these have been designed to work with TanTowel®s self-tan process and will not inhibit the tan. We recommend that you wait 10 minutes before applying either the TanTowel® Moisture Mist, or TanTowel® On the Glow®. Otherwise, you need to wait 3-4 hours so as not to interrupt the tanning process.

How long do the tanning products take to dry (so I can dress)?

The TanTowel dries within seconds of application since it has the consistency of water. You can get dressed right away because there is no stain or dyes, and it will not come off on your clothing.

Is there a TanTowel® that can be used on the face?

Tantowel® was created for both the face and body.

When using TanTowel®, should you wash your hands periodically to prevent staining?

Yes or If your hands are dry you can apply lotion to your hands before you start your application this will slow down the absorbing process, and wash your hands after application. We recommend having a moist hand towel; then when you are done applying your TanTowel®, you can rub your palms and fingers on the moist hand towel.

How long do the sealed tanning products last?

Tantowel® will last until they are opened or punctured. We recommend that they be used within 24 months, but they have lasted longer.

Is there a shelf-life on the tanning products?

Each TanTowel® is triple heat sealed to maintain the freshness and quality of the product. They are like canned goods, as long as they are not punctured and have been kept in a cool, dry environment (i.e. closet, bathroom cabinet, etc.) they are still good. We recommend that they be used within 24 months.

Are they hypoallergenic?

 TanTowel® has been doctor-tested and dermatologically approved.

How much of each product does it take to do an entire body application?  

TanTowel® Half Body will cover approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of the body, depending on your size, height and skin porosity. TanTowel® Full Body will complete a full body (head to toe) application on an average-sized person.

Will they make age spots darker?

 Because TanTowel® works with the protein and amino acids in the skin, individual results may vary.