Fourteen Years ... OUR ANNIVERSARY! A Gift for You
“I love every item in this bag, and I’m sure you will too!
Take a look at how these fabulous products get me through the week.
Thank you for supporting bluemercury, please enjoy.”
– Marla Malcolm Beck, CEO & Co-Founder

Beginning September 1, make any bluemercurypurchase 
of $150 or more,in store or online, andreceive your 
complimentary Anniversary Bag.

For online purchases use gift code 14YEARSat checkout.

Available while supplies last. Each personally 
packaged bag has a selection of the following.

MONDAY Morning Madness – Monday in my house always races out of the gate!

I like to start my week with a brightness boost. 
Caudalie Vinoperfect Complexion Correcting Radiance 
Serum is one of my favorites. And it’s paraben-free, 
which is so important to me. 
$79 SHOP NOW: http://bmresponsive.shopvisible.com//dark-spots-and-uneven-skin-tone/caudalie-vinoperfect-complexion-correcting-radiance-serum.asp

Trish McEvoy's Lash Enhancer is an all-week favorite 
of mine. Use it everyday to enhance lash volume. My 
lashes have never looked so thick and full! 
$125 SHOP NOW: http://bmresponsive.shopvisible.com//eyelash-enhancer/trish-mcevoy-lash-enhancer-nighttime-conditioning-treatment.asp

Sun exposure adds up quickly! I apply NARS Pro-Prime 
Multi-Protect Primer SPF 30 before my foundation to 
save my skin from pollution, irritants, and most 
importantly, UV rays. And it's packed with antioxidants. 
$32 SHOP NOW: http://bmresponsive.shopvisible.com//primer/nars-multi-protect-primer-spf-30pa.asp

Travel TUESDAY – My skin tends to get irritated, especially when I fly ... 

I never travel without Darphin's Intral Cleansing Milk. 
It’s so gentle on sensitive skin, and it does a great 
job of sloughing off all the grime from a day in the city. 
$42 SHOP NOW: http://bmresponsive.shopvisible.com//facial-cleanser/darphin-intral-cleansing-milk.asp

I also use SkinCeuticals Redness Neutralizer to soothe 
my travel-weary skin. It’s a lightweight moisturizer that 
keeps my skin from getting puffy and irritated, and it 
evens skin tone.I use it morning and night! 
$66 SHOP NOW: http://bmresponsive.shopvisible.com//redness/skinceuticals-redness-neutralizer.asp

Lips need protection, too! The antioxidants and vitamins 
A, C and E in Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 keep my lips 
plump, protected and wrinkle-free. I carry mine everywhere! 
$22.50 SHOP NOW: http://bmresponsive.shopvisible.com//Lip-Balms-and-Exfoliants/Fresh-Sugar-Lip-Treatment-SPF-15.asp

Wind Down WEDNESDAY – By mid-week, we all need to take a few deep breaths.

I keep MoroccanOil Body Buff in my shower, it’s a 
perfect mid-week morning luxury. I love how polished 
and hydrated my skin feels, and the argan oil, orange 
peel and vitamin E give me a great, all-day boost. 

An after-work bubble bath can really turn my week around. 
I love Molton Brown's Heavenly Gingerlily Moisturizing Bath 
& Shower Gel with its rejuvenating ginger and cardamom 
spice. A couple cap fulls poured under the running water 
makes my bath a wonderful aromatherapy experience. 
$28 SHOP NOW: http://bmresponsive.shopvisible.com//bath-and-shower-gel/molton-brown-heavenly-gingerlily-moisture-bath-and-shower.asp

THURSDAY Pick-Me-Up – A spa-like pamper keeps me going strong straight through Friday.

Glycolic acid is the most amazing anti-wrinkle and 
anti-breakout fighter. M-61’s one-step, one-minute 
Power Glow Peel is a great morning treatment (pre-
makeup and pre-moisturizer) for a late-week glow. 
10-day $28 |30-day $62
SHOP NOW: http://bmresponsive.shopvisible.com//facial-peel/m-61-power-glow-peel.asp

Thursday night is the perfect time to use Ren's Glycol 
Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask, while I’m catching 
up on emails that pile up during the day. I love the 
clarity that this mask gives my skin, and the natural 
fruit extracts exfoliate and encourage cell turnover. 
$55 SHOP NOW: http://bmresponsive.shopvisible.com//face-mask-for-acne/ren-glycol-lactic-radiance-renewal-mask.asp

FRIDAY Fun Night – Time to beautify and enjoy the end of a hectic week.

Bold eyes go a long way, and Clinique High Impact 
Mascara makes it so easy. It's high impact and 
all-day appropriate, so I can go straight from work 
to dinner. 
$16 SHOP NOW: http://bmresponsive.shopvisible.com//mascara/clinique-high-impact-mascara.asp

Straight or curly, I know you'll love Bumble and 
Bumble's Straight Blow Dry as much as I do. I use 
a dime-size dollop in my hair while it’s still wet, 
and then blow out my hair as usual. It keeps 
away frizz and flyaways all day long for go-out-
perfect hair! 
$29 SHOP NOW: http://bmresponsive.shopvisible.com//hair-cream-lotion-and-glaze/bumble-and-bumble-straight-blow-dry.asp

Family Time SATURDAY – Weekends for me are about balance: quality time with myself and my family.

Whether I'm headed to my daughters’ soccer game 
or out on a family day trip, I start with Estée Lauder 
Illuminating Perfecting Primer. It extends the wear 
of my tinted moisturizer or BB cream, and leaves 
my skin smooth, fresh and bright.
$32 SHOP NOW: http://bmresponsive.shopvisible.com//primer/estee-lauder-illuminating-perfecting-primer.asp

Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 gives 
me quick protection and evens my skin tone. 
It’s very lightweight, which is perfect for a carefree 
weekend look. 
$43 SHOP NOW: http://bmresponsive.shopvisible.com//facial-tinted-moisturizer/laura-mercier-tinted-moisturizer-spf-20.asp

Lafco’s Guest Soaps smell so decadent, and they’re 
moisturizing! I love putting them around the 
house to protect my whole family from fall dry hands.

SUNDAY Deep Clean – Sunday is when I prep for the week, and it’s a great day for a deep clean.

If you run around as much as I do, oils and dirt 
build up over the course of a week. Dermalogica 
Precleanse is an olive and apricot kernel-based 
cleansing oil that really cuts through the grime. 
$37 SHOP NOW: http://bmresponsive.shopvisible.com//facial-cleanser/dermalogica-precleanse.asp

I also love RéVive’s Cleanser Gentil Gelée - it is 
gentle and so thorough. It leaves my skin perfectly 
clean without drying it out. 
$65 SHOP NOW: http://bmresponsive.shopvisible.com//facial-cleanser/revive-cleanser-gentil-gelee.asp

AHAVA's Dead Sea Osmoter™ Concentrate is hydrating 
and locks in moisture for the week. The high concentration 
of Dead Sea minerals delivers instant results, my skin 
looks so much more youthful! 
$60 SHOP NOW: http://bmresponsive.shopvisible.com//anti-aging-skin-care/ahava-dead-sea-osmoter-concentrate.asp